Sonoff garage door smartthings

I have been playing around with the nodemcu devices for some time now but found these Sonoff devices about 6 months ago and have made a number of projects with them now. This project involved a modification so i thought it different than normal and thought i would share it.

My need was for a simple to add device that would integrate with my home automation system and would allow control of my garage door with out having to run additional wires to or from the ceiling unit or wall button. After tracing the Sonoff circuit board I found this wouldn't be that hard with one of these cheap devices with a simple modification.

Itead Sonoff Garagedoor Opener

The Sonoff units take mains power at one end and delivers switched mains power at the other, internally they have a small transformer to run the ESP device and a 10amp relay to switch the power.

My garage door like most has a low voltage pair of connectors that run to a button on the wall and when connected with a button press opens or closes the door, this is what i needed to make the Sonoff do.

Magnetic Contact.

sonoff garage door smartthings

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. These devices can be purchased from Aliexpress for a few dollars, looking at the circuit inside you can see the circuit that carries the mains power down from the input through the relay down to the output. A small cut using a dremel or hack saw is cut down the side of the relay disconnecting the relay from the mains power for both phase and neutral.

Then a small run of solder is completed across the two points making the relay just close the end contracts. At this point you should be sure to test this and confirm there is no connection between the mains and the non mains ends. If you don't test this or check this you could still be passing mains down to device which could cause damage or worse give you a big shock. There is plenty of information online to do this image replacement and it can be found in detail here:.

This turns the device into a device that will talk to your home automation system not just the phone app that comes with the Sonoff devices. There is a lot of information on line on doing this and dont worry if you flash it and it doesn't seem to work the first time as its very hard to break the device here as you can always reflash the device again and again to get it working.

I have found the process to be very easy and reliable. EasyESP is a great image to deploy, i use to write code for these nodemcu devices and spent hours doing this where i found using this image needed no coding skills at all and was all just configured in the web interface.

Next I purchase a small case and gland for the power cable plus a magnetic contact to detect when the door is open or closed. A 8mm hole was drilled in the end of the case which was a perfect size for the contacts metal cable end to fit snugly.

I then soldered the two wires on the end two connections on the header holes. These are ground and GPIO14 pins which is where the unit was flashed earlier.

At this point i have also drilled a second hole for the relay contact wire to connect to the relay terminals and also installed a gland for the incoming power supply. Once you have completed this you can configure it. There are only a few places you need to configure the unit to enable this.

Setup the devices the same as the images show and setup the rules as below as this is the part that presses the button for 1 second and also sends the MQTT so my home automation knows when the door is open or closed. My unit attaches to the top of my door opener, there is a power socket there already and i connect the terminals for the button and fit the sensor to the ceiling.

The Magnet was hotglued to the top of the door opening unit. The magnetic switch has a large range about 5cms so it does not need to be real close to the sensor to active it. If your door is different you can modify yours to suite and lengthening the cable etc to get a point that changes with the door opening or closing.

Question 18 days ago on Step 7. Answer 16 days ago. There is no openhab rule file needed.A frequent contributor to our Build forum writes us to explain how he uses SmartThings to get the everyday objects in his home to react to his presence. Everyone has a story to tell. We want to hear yours. Yet this is only the start… the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Sonoff Garage Door Opener

Using additional sensors, outlets, switches, and available SmartApps I get a great many additional benefits. I can not only easily see on my phone if my garage is open or not, but close it from anywhere!

When I come home my garage automatically opens, and my side door unlocks. If my garage is left open too long, I get a text message about that as well. Having my garage doors and outdoor light automated helps make my life a little easier. Related: Learn how to wire an Evolve relay switch to a garage door here. That is awesome! I will have to get my roommate one of those.

She is always leaving the house and thinking she forgot to close the garage and so she has me go and check to make sure. We live in Edmonton where our garage door is a way for people to get into the house. So it can be kind of risky. Its same like my story really smart garage gives you piece of mind. It happens many time i forgot to close the door and as i leave alone than nobody at my home who can kept eye on this.

Than i also installed smart garage door from Garage Door Restore in perth its very useful for me. Now i am enjoying my work. I can figure out the software part but I am trying to figure out where the Z-Wave outlet goes, etc. You have placed some useful information about garage door in this post.

I am also curious about how one connects the push button to the Z-wave GE module in the link. I found some of the GE modules on sal today and bought some. Thank you. This information is very useful for every user. Automatic garage door is so much easier than conventional doors. Do not use ST for any automation that you cannot verify every time and in person. This system is absolutely unreliable and outright dangerous. Saying that this system is a joke is being very generous. For over a month, my wife and I kept finding our front door unlocked and garage door open in the morning.

After blaming each other for several weeks, we eventually figured out that ST was the culprit. ST was delaying the automation to open the garage door and unlocking the front door upon arrival; instead, ST was executing these tasks hours later when my entire family is fast asleep.

It is absolutely irresponsible even criminal for SmartThings to claim that their system provides safely and security, when it in fact, it places individuals and families at extreme risk.

As heating oil suppliers we pride ourselves on fast delivery and customer satisfaction. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.I am very much into home tech and smart home automation, and I want to integrate all products and solutions into a single hub, so I don't have to be using so many apps and they just simply communicate into each other.

For this reason, I use a SmartThings hub. But Sonoff does not play nice with Smarthings could it be I am doing something wrong? I have the same request. I also have the Smarthings hub and it works nicely with my Z-wave equipment. I recently bought some Sonoffs and they work perfectly.

But, they do not connect to the Smarthings hub which makes house control a bit more "clumsy". I understand some folks are "hacking" the Sonoffs and downloading other software Tasmota. Then connection to Smarthings looks to work. I would really prefer not to do this.

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Does anyone know which devices could be linked to SmartThings hub Samsung and how? SonOff products are really nice, but I would like to use only one hub and one app to convert my house in Smart-house.

Home Solutions Forums. Enter your search term here New support ticket. Check ticket status. Alejandro Rodriguez Mann started a topic over 2 years ago. My question is: will Sonoff support the SmartThings hub?

Berndt Johannsen said about 2 years ago. Hi, I have the same request. Adrian Nel said about 2 years ago. Hi guys. Can anyone help with info.Looking for a smartapp to close my garage after a certain amount of minutes. Clueless about writing code. The rule building options available are slightly different depending on these answers. They are quite popular in the community with those who are willing to pay a license fee as he has put a lot of work into them and they support many different features that people like.

He also provides individual support if you have trouble getting one of them set up. If you want a totally free option, webcore can also do this, but the setup will be more complex And the UI is less intuitive for non-programmers. But there are many community members are willing to help and it is very powerful. So to be honest it just depends whether time or money is more important to you in solving this use case. And rboy has already done a lot of research on device and feature options.

Choice is good. The garage smartapp for rboy works great but does not have an auto close if garage x is open for x amount of time. EDIT: Currently it closes the door automatically when someone leaves, so if the door was left open and you left why you would want it closed on a timer instead of a presence?

Yes timer. So for example if my wife leaves 7am and I dont get up tell 9am the door will just be open cause I am still home. It would be nice to have timer to auto shut it say 5min after it opens regardless of presence. I used one app that did that but the timer was 1min regardless what it was set for in app.

Clueless about writing code Scenario If garage Monoprice z-wave tilt sensor is open for X amount of time Then Turn on switch sonoff Thanks in advance. Comprehensive new app for this. JDRoberts April 6,pm 3. We need to ask a few questions first. Which model of smartthings hub do you have?

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, a different android phone, or an iPhone? JDRoberts April 6,pm 5.Compared with traditional door lock, smart door locks will no doubt make your life more convenient. In our real life, there are many scenes of smart door locks. For example, instead of getting off your car to open the garage door, imagine if you can remotely open your garage door in the car by your smart phone, and then directly drive your car into the garage.

sonoff garage door smartthings

DIY a smart remote door lock is a very interesting project. All you need is a cheap electromagnetic lock, a low cost Sonoff SV and a power plug. It can turn your non-smart door lock into a smart WiFi door lock. Features: 1. Remotely control your door anytime and anywhere via an APP on the smartphone or tablet. Share access permission with anyone so that he or she will also remote lock or unlock your door.

Steps: 1.

Go Control Garage Door Opener

Download E-WeLink app to your smart phone or tablet, and then install it. Now, you can remote control this door lock via this app on your mobile phone or tablet.

I want to use the Sonoff SV as option to activate door lock and when the door is opened by other user I want to send this information that door is opened to the telephone APP. How it can be done? And with whom I should talk about it? Thank you in advance. Thanks in advance… Mike. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The Related Video Tutorial:. Related Posts. You can set tasmota software to pulse time ……sec.It works great if I turn the switch on and then manually turn it off almost immediately. The problem is I need the switch to trigger a close command automatically in about 4 seconds after it sends an open command which would make the perfect garage door open and close app. Does anyone know of an existing app or direct me how to create one? Andy, as a complete nubie here, it was amazing to find your app as it has completely and totally resolved my issue.

Dave You are very welcome! And thank you for the donation. This is very much appreaciated. I too am a newb at all of this and am inspired to try and learn more and experiment with further simple things too. Hi Rob, Happy to hear that you too were able to accomplish your goal with the garage door opening project.

I will have the need to do this project again in a few months and expect it will take less than an hour. Please let me know how you progress on future projects. All the best!

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So thanks to you Dave, I found a more affordable gadget to continue experimenting more!! The RIB relay was certainly perfect for my project. I hope so! Automation Ideas. Thanks in advance.

Sonoff - The $5 WiFi Smart Switch That's Compatible With Alexa And Google Home

Cobra Andy - United Kingdom February 2,am 2. Thank you so much! Cobra Andy - United Kingdom February 2,am 4.

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This is very much appreaciated -Andy. I tried sending a donation to Andy too. Good luck with your projects. All Rights Reserved.With this guide, you can turn your current garage door into a smart garage door. The project is a bit more complex but the end result is worth it. So, for example, you can say to Siri "Hey Siri, open the garage door" and the garage door will open.

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Please note that this project is a garage door that is switched with a closing contact. Means when the contact is closed, the garage will open. When the contact closes again, the garage door stops and when the contact closes again, the garage door will close. Be sure to check out the main page for the basic requirements!

We have to flash our Sonoff module with a new firmware called Sonoff-Tasmota. With this we are able to send and receive MQTT commands. Likewise, we no longer need the annoying Itead's China servers and the whole system runs locally on our network. To flash the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware there are many instructions but few for the 1 Channel module of Itead. That's why I want to go into the process with this module in more detail. There are some types of this Module with diffrent access to TX and RX, the pins we need for flashing:.

PSF-B01 Chip:. Now the Sonoff should turn on for a few seconds and then turn off alone when you switch it over the web interface. Do you have trouble to flash this Sonoff Module mybe this will help you. To know if our garage door is up or down, we need sensors that give us the status. In order for us to configure a nice web interface on this module we are flashing the Wemos D1 mini with the ESPEasy firmware. The Wemos D1 is very easy to flash. All you need is a micro USB cable.

Follow the instructions on this page to install the Homebridge plugin homebridge-mqtt. The plugin was programmed by cflurin. Many thanks for this great plugin that offers so many possibilities! All supported HomeKit devices can be found in this file. A service is, so to speak, the device itself, which is displayed in HomeKit and these services then have characteristics for them to work. That's just a small description of the system.

If you want to know more about it you should inform yourself on the internet. To program the logic behind the whole system we use Node-Red. Make sure that Node-Red also starts automatically after a reboot of your server, otherwise the garage opener will not work. If you have named your Sonoff or Wemos D1 mini module differently than I have to adjust the names in the purple nodes, otherwise no MQTT commands can be received.

sonoff garage door smartthings

With the blue nodes you add the device in Homebridge and you have a physical button in the Apple Home app. The ESP module, in turn, gets its power from the 3. No idea if this is good or bad to power over the 3. If you have questions about this project, you can ask them here!

Skip to content. Itead Sonoff Garagedoor Opener Jump to bottom. Introduction With this guide, you can turn your current garage door into a smart garage door. Add new Devices Switch input for both Reed Sensors: A sensor detects whether the garage door is open and the other whether the garage door is closed. Of course, the sensor has to be attached to the garage the right way.

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