4g93 single cam

Zerotohundred Forums. Joined: Jan 21, Messages: 65 Likes Received: 0. So all of u can help me to get best performance with my car. For your refrence. And more skill n knowledge about car. Thnks to all of u. Joined: Feb 7, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Dunno abt others, but if i were you i will choose plan-2 like that still can maintain low end torque and high cam can enhance your hi rev power Btw, your cost for plan-1 and 2 is??

I hope,i will learn n get more2 knowledge n skill from all of u. Joined: Mar 12, Messages: 10, Likes Received: And your target is? Hijacked a bit can? Bro Sky, if i use evo3 gb replacing my mivec 1st gen close ratio gb, does it affect the performance? But i cannot find the Tensionar Arm. Timing belt mybe next month.

I more think. My budget is around 1k. Not included do some modifications. Or must be do some modification. JackWaiKit 5 Year Silver. Joined: Aug 9, Messages: Likes Received: 5. Top speed dependd on their gb ratio So how the improvement.?? Just Plug in the head No modified this head. Sakt kaki. Any one can give your opinion.??OBX Pro-series Cam Gear are made from T-7 billet aircraft grade aluminum material, making each gear strong and lightweight.

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Increase horsepower and torque without any cam changes and are ideal for heavily modified engines. Hard anodizing on belt surface is lab-tested as the most durable anodizing on the market. Precision-cut gear teeth ensure no premature wearing of the cam gear's belt surface To provide long term greater adjustment accuracy and readability.

OBX Pro-series cam gears are laser-etched with extra degree markings on the inner hub. Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects. Please leave you note for first and second color selection. Color will be random if no leaving any note. Example engine fitment showing below.

Please make sure you purchase the right parts. We no responsible for any failed installation and damage use Wrong purchase are not refunds. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We will arrange either a refund or a replacement for you at our expense. If you wish to return your item for any other reason apart from damaged on delivery or wrong item sent, please send the item back to us with the original unused and unopened packaging. The buyer will be responsible for the return shipping charges.

Once the item has reached us and inspected, we will arrange a refund to you. Please note that all opened items cannot be returned or refunded. We ship to your eBay or Paypal address. Please make sure your eBay and Paypal address is correct before you pay. Items will be shipped within business day when we received payment.

Delivery time depends on destination and other factors. Orders can be cancelled for a full refund only before item s have shipped 5.

International buyers please note: a. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

We will try our best to reduce the risk of the custom duties. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. Dohc Sohc 4G63 4G63 Turbo 2. We no responsible for any failed installation and damage use Wrong purchase are not refunds Your satisfaction is our top priority.Although I'm a 20V user, I always look forward to your 4G tuning posts. Keep it up!

Thanks a lot ePuL. I will try to post some similar modding info about 20v in the near future. Do stay tuned. Hi GNT, Depends on what modifications you had done to your car. Normally people will change to 2. Hi bro, Just came across ur blog.

4g93 single cam

Very interesting n informative. Planning to swap my 4g15 to 4g Hi Dinesh, I assume that you are getting the entire halfcut. First thing you need to do is to start the engine and check for the oil leakage of the engine. Second, do get a set of rear disc brake since 4G15 does not have any. If your car equipped with a carbie engine, get the EFi fuel tank as well basically come with the halfcut.

Last but not least, remember to get the custom form and the receipt of your engine in order for you to register it legally. Hi Ben, a question for u.

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Hi Dinesh, Yes both wiring are different. But as long as you buy halfcut, you need not to worry about wiring before you will convert everything from the halfcut to your wira. Hi Qaiyim, May I know what is the size for the exhaust piping?

If the size is not suitable for 4G92, it is recommended to install a suitable piping size to your 4G Change to a better open pod and a CAI to direct cold air from outside. Besides that, change a set of better spark plug to couple with your plug cable.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. A cam refers to a "cam shaft" or the thing which goes bump in the night. The cam has a "bump" or "hump" in it which actuates the valves which allows air into and exhaust out of the cylinder of the engine at the correct time so the engine will run correctly.

Mitsubishi 4G93-SOHC Workshop Manual

As for the configurations themselves, in SOHC configurations, the camshaft is placed on top of the head. Here is an example:. The wheel at the right of the picture is what the cam belt rides on.

This wheel is attached to the cam itself.

4g93 single cam

The cam, then actuates the rocker arms which you can see are pointing to either side of the head. This is an example of a 3-valve per cylinder head 2-intake and 1-exhaust per cylinder. The 2-valve per cylinder is a much mor prevalent configuration.

DIY: Valve Clearances - 4G15 and 4G93

In this example, you can see there are two separate cam shafts riding atop the head. DOHC engines usually have a configuration of 2-intake and 2-exhaust valves per cylinder, but in some cases like the configuration Volkswagen-Audi Group VAG uses a five valve per cylinder 3-intake and 2 exhaust. In most cases, the cam directly actuates the valve without the use of a rocker arm it may or may not have a "lifter" between the cam and the valve.

OHV configurations use a centrally located cam shaft central to the engine blockand actuates the valves through the use of lifters, pushrods, and rocker arms. The OHC configuration does away with most of this for the reduction of mass in the valve train. This reduction of mass usually means the engine can run safer and cleaner at higher engine speeds due to less inertial pressures on the valve train. Also, since this is more of a direct actuation of the valves, there is less flex due to push rods and a more accurate valve actuation occurs.

The OHC configuration is a lot more complex than the OHV in that there are a more parts which can go bad, which can cause catastrophic consequences if it fails. OHC engines are usually "interference motors", which means the valves and the pistons occupy the same space at different times. The piston will move up into the valves and usually destroy the valves and the entire head assembly.

There are no warning signs without taking the engine apart to tell you when it is worn out, so following the manufacturers replacement interval is very important. More valves means the engine can intake and exhaust more gasses from the engine. Think of a large circle, say one which is 4" across or say 10cm for you unruly metric folks out there. How many 2" 5cm circles can you fit within it? The answer is two. Now take the same 4" circle and fit 1.

The number is somewhere around four. A 4" circle has the area of A 2" circle has the area of 3. With the 1.Zerotohundred Forums. Rm8k Wira ownership experience-A long way to go. Car owner's MCO keep clean guide by Proton.

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Heavy duty valve springs 4G93 4G94 16v single cam SOHC

Mitevo7Dec 24, Do it yourself. Read amazing projects, post and answer questions on building and fiddling your own parts. Latest: Mitsubishi 4G54 top overhaul gunnerzzMar 5, Automotive Interest Archive 6,Your Shots. Not Your Shots. Scale Car Modelling.

Radio Control Machines. ICE For sale. Racetrack Junkies. Sepang Circuit.After the Vtec engine guide the other day, I decided to make a Mitsubishi engine guide. And hopefully i will be able to make more compilation of engine specification from other manufacturer such as Toyota Nissan and Mazda. A word or two on Mitsubishi engine.

The mitsubishi engine swap is famous in Malaysia for only one reason. As we all know Proton car is derived from Mitsubishi. Almost every Proton will have its twin Mitsubishi brothers. But things has change now. So even the engine used is based form Mitsubishi, so there is no problem on swapping it for a Mitsubishi engine.

Unless the JPJ wont let you. The famous engine which is often transplanted into a proton includes a Mivec engin e ,the gsr turbothe vr4 and the evo engine. Any ammendment or additional info, please leave a comment. Lets start with the 1. Displacement: cc Bore: Tukar dengan head asal g91 yang duduk dalam engin.

V6 engne ade 2. Saya nak convert engine perdana dengan engine LBR — airtrack turbo, tapi saya masih belum pasti dengan prestasinya. Meel, ezoz straight flow model ape punye yang paling sedap,bagus, laju,senyap untuk 4g93 turbo? Cuba nko baca artikel kt atas tu… Stroke utk 4g91… So apa yg aku maksudkan tu ialah… Kasi tuka conrod 4g91 ke 4g61T…atau kepada conrod yg lagi pendek… Sbbnye….

Kalo xngam conrod tu…nko cari yg ngam la…lg pendek dr yg original…. Tp makesure setting cam aci sesondol kena btol. Bleh bikin laju…tp modal mau besa ler.

Kete NA mmg mcm tu…. Nak match kan kuasa turbo yg dtg tu…. Pastu…segala part2 enjin yg std tu…mesti kena tuka dgn yg bleh tahan dgn kuasa turbo… Kalo x brg std tu mudah rosak… So. Kalo nko pandai maintain enjin turbo no problem…. Yg penting nko jga minyak enjin…. Sbb minyak enjin tu la yg jd penyejuk kpd turbin tu… Tp tu la…turbo utk long distance pd pendpt aku x baper sesuai…. Tp sentiasa beringat le bila tarik2… Kang terburai enjin nko nnt.The Mitsubishi Lancer — Mirage 1.

The 1. The majority of modified Lancer vehicles utilise these engines and was not until the later model CG Lancer that the capacity was increased to the 2.

4g93 single cam

Along with other drive line upgrades, you can have a smooth reliable car, with improved handling, and provide that little bit of sporty power to keep most people satisfied. This section is to be used as a guide in your modification — we will be breaking this into sections to provide a well balanced vehicle. Additionally the modification package will be set-up so that as you increase the power of the vehicle, your alternative items like brakes etc are matched to your new power level. This guide has also been done in an order which provides successive gains from the modifications power wise.

Jumping say to number 20 first, may result in a LOSS of power until you have done other items to match its effect. RPW does not take any responsibility for people performing these modifications on there car without professional involvement. Check with your local government regulations before modifying your car as these items may not be legal in your country. The group 1 modifications are designed for the every day driver, wanting improvements across the board without sacrificing road comfort, fuel economy or driveability.

These are also the baseline modifications for the more extensive Group 2 modifications. Standard horsepower for the vehicle is 65kw on average at the flywheel. The Mitsubishi gear shifter system is one of the better ones on the market. But that does not mean that people do not want to improve them. This is one of those modifications that can be done at any time.

The RPW Modified units suit most people who want something to reduce the long throw and give a more precise feel to where the gears are located. The factory air box system on these vehicles, is quite restrictive. There are several ways to free them up — we recommend two main options.

The Cold air kit relocates to the front bumper, pulling cold air especially where utilised with a after market front bumper. This should produce an approximate gain of around 1 — 2kw with improved throttle response and torque. Okay you have done the easy mods, now time to do something about the exhaust. Contrary to what many people believe, without any form of induction work or fuel work, fitting of exhaust upgrades are only marginally beneficial.

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